Not without some investigation, first.

Analysys uses a three step business evaluation process to make sure our solutions will work in your environment and will produce the results you expect.

Step 1

Analysys will meet with you to discuss your business processes to determine their fit in your organization. If our solutions with best practice processes appear to work for your business a more thorough study is then done.

Step 2

We will ask you to complete a questionnaire about your business flow and supporting processes. We will sit down with you and your people to understand how they perform their tasks. We will explain a little about how our systems could perform that task in comparison to their process if there is a variance and we will try and determine why that process was adopted.

Step 3

We will prepare our findings in a thorough report documenting your processes and our best practice model with any savings. We will summarize our study with the information you have provided and will identify the areas where we expect the greatest efficiency gains as well as an implementation plan.