Open Systems Accounting Software

Custom Modifications

Sales Order

Modified the picking list and invoice to include a graphic image of the product being shipped. This was for a garment manufacturer.

Created an invoice verification routine where the shipping department simply scanned the barcode on the case and the shipped quantity was automatically inserted. If an item was not on the sales order the system sounded an alert for the operator.

Bill of Materials

Wrote an "Auto Build" feature that automatically built the bill-of-materials when the accounts receivable invoices were posted. The customer did not have the sales module and additionally preferred the way the system handled the bill-of-materials as opposed to the kit.

Wrote a routine in which the operator scanned the finished product and the system would automatically generate a transaction in the bill-of-material transaction file.


Inventory Reorder: wrote a routine to consolidate different item numbers that were in fact the same physical item and then run the consolidated item through the Open Systems reorder routines. The client was a garment manufacturer and the specific item to be reordered was a type of fabric. This fabric needed to go through several processes and in each process, the item number changed. The client needed to evaluate quantity on hand for the sum total of all of this fabric regardless of what stage it was in.


Modified the payroll system to automatically post garnishments to the accounts payable transaction file.

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