Open Systems Accounting Software

Third Party Modifications

Add Last Cost to Price Structures

Adds Last Cost as a selection for adjustment base. A utility program is added to change current Base Cost in Price Structures to Last Cost.

Allocate Salaried Employees

Allows salaried employees salaries, employer deductions, and employer withholdings to be allocated up to 10 different departments.

Allow Negative Receipts in PO Entry

Changes the Purchase Order data entry to allow negative quantities entered into the quantity field of the Receive Goods and Receive Invoices functions. This allows receipts and invoices to be reversed after a purchase order post.

Application Data File Rebuild

Allows unattended data file rebuilds. The user simply selects a list of two-character application codes and starts the rebuild. The program rebuilds all files for the selected modules.

A/P Quick Check Entry and Printing

This enhancement adds checks quickly to the system, and prints them online as they are added. It is roughly comparable in function to QuickBooks "Write Checks". You enter the basic invoice information, and one or more detail line items for the expenses (including G/L Accounts). When you do Next-Tran or Page-Down, it prints the check (using the standard AP online check routine). You do one check per screen, and they print individually as entered. It adds the entry into AP Transactions, with the check info on the totals screen. So, you can then journal and post as usual. It's a great addition for those users doing a lot of on demand manual checks or online checks.

AR Recurring Entries with Job and Phase Input

Allows job and phase input into the Accounts Receivable Recurring Entry function. When the Copy Recurring Entry function is executed the Job and Phases stored are copied.

Auto Distribute Overtime to Jobs

A function is added to accumulate all overtime keyed for an employee and distribute it to jobs worked based on the percentage of regular time allocated to each job.

Auto Holiday Miscellaneous Pay Creation

Allows creation of data file to store the date and description of holidays. Each employee is assigned a holiday pay code that designates the amount of hours an employee will receive for a paid holiday. A menu selection allows the creation of payroll transactions for holiday pay. The user is prompted to calculate pay if the employee worked the day before the holiday, day after the holiday, day before and after the holiday, or does not matter.

Automate W2 Mag Media Diskette - UNIX

Automates the process of creating DOS diskettes for W2 Magnetic Media in a UNIX environment.

Bar Coding for OSAS

Inventory, Purchase Order, and Work Order Processing applications. These 3 modules are sold separately and can help automate any customer's inventory. Save time and money while improving the accuracy of your customer's inventory.

Bar-coded Inventory System (BIS)

Interfacing seamlessly with OSAS, BIS allows you to print barcode labels for your products and collect physical inventory count information and upload it into the Inventory module. The Sales Order Add On lets you produce bar-coded picking slips and automatically verifies the order. The Purchase Order Add On lets you produce bar-coded purchase orders, automatically updates the order as received and updates inventory and quantities received. The Inventory Adjustments Add On allows you to easily do increase and decrease quantity adjustments. BIS will increase productivity and accuracy when taking physical inventory, processing shipments, receiving goods or making quantity adjustments.

BBX Text Editor

TEX - is a BBx 4 multi-line text editor with automatic line wrapping and the functionality of a basic word processor. May be easily integrated with any OSAS or other Business Basic application. Multiple lines, multiple paragraphs, blank lines. Does NOT alter existing file structures. Single User and Multi-User pricing.

Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes allows you to setup a series of events to take place after you go home. Why pay the same person to run the same reports, the same way, at the same times, every day/week/month of the year? Generally, the events are customer specific and can send day end reports both to file and your printer, followed by an automatic backup to disk and to your tape drive. In addition, the enhancement will automatically start the post. Review of the day end reports can be done either before you go home or first thing in the morning. If a problem should occur in the post or any event in the instructions a log will be printed for your review. An error in posting will trigger an automatic restore and will allow the problem to be addressed before the next post. Note this application is a character-based application like General Report Writer.

BISYS Data Export

Exports information to a file format compatible for import into the BISYS 401(K) reporting system.

Bitmap Logos on Forms

Allows printing of BMP format bitmap files on OSAS plain paper forms. The user saves the logo as a separate BMP file for each form. When the form is printed the logo is added to the form.

California DE6 Form

Produces the California DE6 form by quarter. Available in report format or magnetic media.

California DE34 Form

Produces the California DE34 form by quarter. Available in report format or magnetic media.

Cash Receipts Lookup by Invoice Number

Locates customer ID in cash receipts entry by skipping the customer ID field and allowing you to enter the invoice number. Then the invoice number will call up the customer ID assigned to it.

Certified Payroll

Prints Certified Payroll Report from Payroll Transaction History. Includes both pages of the Kentucky state form.

Certified Payroll by Applied Business Services

Prepares certified payroll report for each week. Allows you to print it by job, employee, and labor code to fulfill certified payroll filing requirements.

CJC General Liability Calculation and Posting

Adds General Liability to Contractors' Payroll. Includes calculation, posting to G/L, and inclusion in labor burden reporting and posting to jobs. Adds a General Liability Code Maintenance (similar to Workers Comp Codes) to allow definition of various percentages of gross pay for different categories of labor. Each employee can be given a default General Liability Code. Adds a General Liability Pay Period report (register). The Labor Burden report is modified to include General Liability amounts. Post Checks posts General Liability to G/L (optional), and includes General Liability amounts in Labor Burden posting to jobs.

CJC Laser AIA Invoice Forms Printing

Print your AIA Application for Payment forms directly onto official pre-printed AIA Forms G702 and G703. Uses the existing AIA Invoicing functionality, but adds a new item: Print AIA application on laser forms. Saves the need to double enter into a stand-alone AIA invoicing package, or manually typing the forms. Increases accuracy due to no more re-entry of data. Requires a laser printer.

CJC Quick Retainage Release

Modifies the standard Accounts Payable Hold/Release Invoices to allow for a simpler and more user friendly method of releasing retainage. In standard CJC, in order to release retainage you must enter and post a special release retainage invoice, which is not intuitive to users and is time consuming. With our Quick Retainage Release function, you can now perform this release right from the A/P Hold Release Invoice function.
With this add-on, you can simply point to a retainage invoice (an "Rt" invoice) and press H for change status. A new Release Retainage window appears which performs all of the release functions right from one spot, including the postings. You can choose to release all of the retainage, or part of it by either dollar amount or a percentage. Only 3 fields are required to be entered in order to perform the release. When you page-down, a posting will be performed automatically and an audit log prints. That's it. Everything is done in one simple step. The released retainage is now ready to be included in a check run for payment, or press R to enter a prepaid (manual) check against it.

Claims Manager

ADR Inc.'s Claims Manager is designed for companies who want to track claims from start to finish. Using this module, you can produce reports which show all of your claims denied, and paid. You can track every phone call, who you talk with, the dates you talked with them, and more. You can use this module as a stand alone module, or you may interface it with the Operations Manager for more trucking company features.


Help Desk, Time Billing, and Contact Manager in one package. Designed for the support services industry, it maintains a complete record of the services and products your company provides. Tracks and analyzes employee's time and activity. Contains complete historical data on all work performed for each client. User-defined Help Book provides instant online support. Numerous standard reports. Prints invoices, proposals, fax cover sheets, and more.

Combine Local Taxes on Check Stub

Combines all local taxes into one line on the check stub.

Combine Local Taxes on W2 Forms

Combines all local taxes and prints them in the local tax box on the W2 forms. This eliminates the wasting of W2s.

Commander - Point Of Sale

The Sysprog Commander Series Point Of Sale for Retailers is a perfect example of how to combine speed and power without compromises. Easy to install at any point of sale configuration. It delivers:

Unmatched Speed
Special Pricing
Seamless Shift Changes
Flexible Operating Environments
On The Fly Inventory Add-Ins
Unlimited Multiple Discount Levels
Value-Added Cost Tracking
Instant Inventory Control
Complete Cash Tracking
Complete Integration with 5.2 OSAS

Commissions Report Based on Fully Paid Invoices

Changes commissions calculated based on paid invoices to not show on the commission report unless fully paid.

Contact Management

Versatile and simple Contact Management for documenting phone conversations w/customers. Call back reminders and management reports. Track projects, promotions. Six user defined fields with three sort keys. Sync with AR customer file or not. Hot key to create Sales Order.

Continuing Sales Order Picking Slip

Allows a continuing picking slip number. Stores picking slip number in a table and increments as picking slips are printed.

Copy AR Customers to PO Ship To Address

Copies Accounts Receivable Customers to Purchase Order Ship to Address file.

Copy Price ID to a Range of Inventory Items

This addition allows the user to specify a Price ID and copy it to a specified group of inventory items. This is useful for first-time installs and changing Price Groups of current items.

Copy Vendor Name to GL Description

During Accounts Payable entry the vendor name is copied to the General Ledger description automatically. The result is the vendor name displaying as the General Ledger Description in the General Ledger module.

Create Customers from Excel Spreadsheet

Allows data entry into an Excel spreadsheet, then the Customer file is updated from the spreadsheet (Windows only).

Create Orders from Excel Spreadsheet

Takes order information keyed into an Excel spreadsheet and creates a Sales Order Invoice or Credit from the information.


Credit card authorization software interface for Order PLUS!

Custom Numbering

Order Number / Invoice Number Customized to Branch Level (ie: MN00100A) where the 'MN' refers to a predefined branch location and the trailing 'A' refers to the release level. Auto numbering is maintained and auto release levels are assigned during backorder generation. Invoice numbers can be made to be equal to order number.

Customer Auto Re-Order From History

Allows previous items ordered to be viewed from history. The user can select items from the view, and line items for Sales Orders or Accounts Receivable entry are created. Normal edit functions are available after the line items are created.

Customer Credit Limit Password

Changes Order Entry to not proceed past the Credit Limit Exceeded message without a password.

Daily Work Posting by Group Code

Time Ticket Journal, Miscellaneous Deductions Journal, and Post Transactions by Group Code.

Days Absent

Allows entry for number of days an employee was absent during payroll data entry. The information is posted to the Employee Master File for tracking. A Days Absent report is available for review. Periodic maintenance functions purge period, quarter and year-to-date information.

Default Second Payroll Transaction to OVT

During payroll transaction entry after a REG pay type is entered as the first payroll transaction the second payroll transaction pay type is set to OVT.

Delivery Scheduling

Ability to set delivery/installation limits by day using a point value of inventory items. Will not allow orders/line items to be locked if sufficient points for the desired day are not available.

Direct Deposit for Payroll v4.x thru v6.0

This modification works with all versions of OSAS from 4.xthrough 5.x. There is minimal modification to standard Payroll programs so it is easy to incorporate into Payroll that has been modified.

Dispatch Manager

Dispatch Manager is an adaptable LTL/TL, ICC/PUC dispatch system which tracks every detail of a transportation company, including pickups, deliveries, quotes, mileages, weight, automatic rating, tariffs, minimum tables, freight billing and more. It is designed for any transportation company, which provides pickups and deliveries of freight controlled from a central location.

Dispatch Manager - Vertical Solutions

Provides the "front end" to the Work Order Processing module, from the point when the request for service, maintenance or installation is made until the work is "done". Different functions such as time stamping the work order, dispatching, arrival and departure functions, scheduling, of personnel, each event are required because the process varies even in companies within the same industry.

Do Not Allow Reuse of Invoice Numbers

Adds a feature to not allow reuse of invoice numbers in Accounts Payable and Purchase Order.

Driver Settlement

Using ADR Inc.'s Driver Settlement Manager gives you a very easy way to pay your carriers, sub-haulers, independent contractors, interline carrier, and any other type of company which you share revenues with. It is designed for any transportation company, which provides pickups and deliveries of freight, controlled from a central location and uses outside payees to carry for them.

EDI - Apparel Industry

The following EDI functions are available as an option to our vertical, Garment Management. They are designed for apparel industry use only:

EDI Manager

ADR Inc.'s EDI Manager is designed for companies who want to have their computers interface with their trading partner's computers. Using EDI Manager, you will be on your way to the paperless system. Keep your shippers and other trading partners current with up to the minute information about loads deliveries, pickups, and more.

EEO Report for Payroll

Calculates and prints employee totals by Labor Class and EEO status.

Eforms by RCG

Faxing and Internet E-mail from OSAS. Allows any OSAS output (Invoice, Purchase Order, A/R Statement, Reports, etc.) to be sent via Internet e-mail or fax. Blast faxing or e-mailing of messages and/or attachments to groups of customers, vendors, or other contacts. Print-time routing of batch invoices, statements and other forms to e-mail, fax, or print, according to customer preference. New "e(M)ail, fa(X)" options at output device selection: anything you can print, you can e-mail or fax. Each message can be sent to multiple recipients, can contain up to 99 attachments.

New database stores multiple e-mail/fax contacts for each Customer or Vendor ID, F2 lookup available when sending. User-Defined Contact Groups for blast e-mail/fax. Once a group is defined, any message or attachment can be sent to the entire group.

Powerful Import tool from Customers, Vendors, or ASCII file into contact groups with user-defined filter criteria (Date Last Sale, Zip Code, YTD Sales Amount, etc.).

Full SMTP e-mail capability supports all types of internet connections, SMTP verification (login/password), and all types of attachment documents. Sent-items history kept for each OSAS user for easy lookup and resending.

Faxing uses vsifax server or email-to-fax service. Option to use SDSI's UnForm® to prepare professional looking forms for fax or PDF e-mail attachments.


A simple POS Application that can be used at a store location that has internet access. POS Screens are generated using Basis Web Utilities and Open Systems Inventory files at the web server location. It allows a salesperson at the store location to enter sales, do store - store inventory transfers, do inventory location lookups, receive inventory at the store, and review sales history. Sales personnel would be validated via login and tracked. All admin functions for each store are performed at the companies headquarters or main store location where the Open Systems programs reside (sales personnel setup, store access codes, inventory maint, purchasing, financials and sales history for the whole organization I have some sample screens on my web site at then select ePOS on the menu. I'm still working on the web site examples but it will give an idea of how it works. Remember it's a simple, easy to use POS app...If you think other dealers may have interest in this let me know and I can do a write up in the format you are using for emails. Stores best suited for this are specialty stores such as wireless communication, electronics, etc...It is thoroughly flexible and can be modified and will support up to 100 stores on one web server with one OSAS Client license for the stores.

eTime Sheets

The eTime Sheets app is a web based application that allows time sheet data to be entered via a browser using the internet. Time sheets are entered and submitted to project managers or supervisors for approval. The approvals then are submitted to admin for billing. The admin functions are executed using OSAS based programs to create billing, provide reporting and review. Time sheet entry, edit, approval, and various reporting such as Utilization, Project Status and Histories are all done via internet browser.

Equipment Tracking

Allows you track the number of hours a piece of equipment is used.

Force Upper Case Letters in OSAS

Forces data entry to allow only upper case letters during data entry throughout OSAS.

Freight Cost Reminder During Sales Order

At the completion of a Sales Order the freight field is checked for data. If no data is present the user is prompted to enter the freight cost.

Fuel Tax Manager

Links with our Operations Manager and OSAS, the fuel TAX Manager will provide a solution to better manage your business. You will be able to identify fuel purchased and miles driven by state, by unit, and by fleet.

Garment Management

Garment Management is a complete accounting solution for garment manufacturers and distributors. It contains the following custom applications: Sales Order, Purchase Order, Inventory (both finished goods and raw goods), Work-in-Process and optionally an EDI interface.

General Ledger Mods

Budget Import: Imports Budget information from fixed length text file into Current Year or Next Year Budget fields.
Remove Unused GL Accounts: Removes old and unused GL accounts from the system. Accounts must have no journal entries or balances to be removed. Program will prompt for accounts to be removed.
GL Activity Balance: Prints report showing actual activity balances for debits and credits. Subtotal for first segment sort available.
Wildcard Copy GL Chart of Accounts: Provides the ability to copy Chart of Account functions to multiple companies using wildcards.
Wildcard GL Activity Report: Designed for companies using Wildcards. Provides the ability to pick a range of companies using wildcards on the GL Activity report.
Wildcard GL Statements: Designed for companies using Wildcards. Provides all programs in the statement function including layout, batch statements, and print statements to allow wildcards in the company ID.

GL Number Recap on Check Stub

Prints a recap on the check stub by GL number.

IBC Personnel Records

Tracks your personnel, their personal information, and their company information. In addition to the detailed information regarding each employee, Personnel Records tracks benefit/beneficiary information, dependent information, medical data, and job/salary history. It also maintains COBRA data, when applicable, as well as detailed information on employee illnesses and workplace injuries for OSHA and Workers Compensation reports.

With the optional integration of OSAS Payroll, employee information is maintained inn Personnel Records and then updated in the Payroll data through the use of Payroll Change transactions.

This application is a derivative work of the OSAS Human Resource Management software and documentation.

Inter-Company Transactions - Due to/Due from Modification

This General Ledger modification program automatically generates the due to and due from entries in the inter-company accounts.

Inventory Auto Pricing

Allows the specification of a percent or dollar markup to each of the four inventory prices based on any of the inventory costs. When the markup percent or dollar amount is set for each inventory item, the user executes a calculation function from the menu and the prices are calculated automatically. This is useful to allow price changes automatically as costs change. The user can maintain a constant markup on products without manually calculating and keying prices.

Inventory F6 Maintenance Price and Cost Additions

This change adds the Price and Cost fields to Inventory Item F6-Maintenance screen.

Invoice Edited/Reprinted

If an invoice is printed more than once, it indicates on the invoice that it is a reprint.

Inventory Item Quick Add/Change and Adjust

This enhancement is the cure for user complaints about the number of screens required to create or maintain inventory items. We add a single screen Quick Item Maintenance function to the menu, which allows sites to do the most common types of inventory maintenance all from one screen. This screen also replaces the F6 Item Maintenance function. The top half is virtually the same as the F6 maintenance screen, but the bottom half has a full set of costs, prices, and quantities (on-hand, available, on order). Costs and prices are directly editable (depending on O/I settings), and quantity on hand can even be adjusted right from the screen (it creates an adjustment transaction for you). This enhancement is a must to any site doing a lot of item additions and changes.

Job and Contract Manager

This module is generally implemented by customers that do installation and construction type work in conjunction with the service and maintenance of the equipment sold by the company. Depending on the structure, definition, and rules used when this application is installed and setup it can provide some or all of the following features: Service & Maintenance Contracts, Extended Warranty Tracking, Prepaid Contract Service Hours, and tracking of Projects & Jobs. This allows customers who open multiple work orders for large jobs and need to be tracked in total. Information like supervisors, foreman in addition to general employee's time can be tracked for complete costing and budgeting. Start and Finish dates, retainage, AIA billing and overhead can be tracked. Requirements: Work Order Processing from Vertical Solutions as well as OSAS Resource Manager and Accounts Receivable.

Kitting for ORDER PLUS!

Kitting for Order PLUS! allows you to sell a group of items as one item at the time of sale. You have the capability of pre-defining the kits that include serialized and lotted items along with the ability to modify the line items during order processing. You can define kits with suggested items to choose from during order processing. Kit pricing can be determined by the kit item or by the total of the components. You also specify by kit whether the individual component should print on the picking slip and invoice.

KY Magnetic Media

Creates Kentucky Magnetic Media.

Laser Payroll/Accounts Payable Checks for v4.x thru v5.x

This modification uses standard Deluxe AP and Payroll checks for versions 4.x through 5.x.

Locked Ship Dates/Quantities

Additional level for committing.

Orders that are placed in the system weeks/months in advance allows you to distinguish difference between a committed quantity and a quantity that has been confirmed for a specific locked date. Can be locked by order or by line item. Uses a preestablished locking parameter file for validation and maintains a separate Item Quantity file and SOTDx sub file.

Manufacturer's Job Cost (MJC)

Job Costing for Manufacturing, Installation, and Service.

Control of jobs and their costs means greater productivity for manufacturing firms. With Manufacturer's Job Cost (MJC), distributed by Modular Data Systems, Inc., take charge of profitability and job management. Use MJC to track goods produced to order or for stock. MJC's flexible, standard reporting provides information you need when you need it.

MJC streamlines the process of controlling jobs and their cost. MJC has many highly functional and easy-to-use features, one of which is allocation and posting of material, labor and overhead to jobs and phases. Increase profitability through improved job management and better cost-control. MJC can run as an independent system, or can increase the flexibility when OPEN SYSTEMS Accounting Software applications are added. MJC processes detail of data posted from Accounts Payable, Purchase Order, Accounts Receivable, and Sales Order. Interface MJC to Payroll to have a single entry procedure to record labor expenses to jobs and phases and automatically pass on to Payroll Time Tickets. Expenditures through Accounts Payable are applied to jobs and phases automatically. Accounts Receivable posting gives job and phase sales details. Include General Ledger to keep all the related G/L accounts current.

Materials Productions Management Suite

MPM provides a suite of applications to allow the small and medium size manufacturer track its inventory, calculate its costs, track its production timing and forecast its needs for materials, labor and sub assemblies. Detail reports allow for complete management control, with documentation to shop floor management.

Four modules:
  MPM-Bill of Material
  MPM-Work Order Processing
  MPM-Shop Floor Control

Medical Office Management

Medical Office Management (MOM) - Complete billing and management product for any site which bills third parties (insurance companies). Electronic claims submission is included. Present sites include Rehabilitation Centers (Substance Abuse, Physical Therapy, Mental Health), Physicians (single practitioners and large multi-specialty groups), chiropractors, etc. Installed in fifteen states as of 12/31/00. MOM was first installed as an OSAS vertical in January 1990 at a site that is still using it. MOM has been maintained to always be current with OSAS standards.

Merge Multiple Companies' Payrolls

Merges multiple companies' Payroll files into a single company. The new company is Company Z. This allows a separate payroll for management payroll and then consolidates into one payroll for tax reporting.

Message on Paycheck Stubs

Allows message to be placed on all employees paycheck stubs.

Multiple Currency/Landed Cost

A comprehensive system to handle multiple currencies and landed cost adjustments. Daily exchange rates, complete reporting and inquires in vendor or local currency. Gain/Loss calculations done automatically. Available for version 5.2, 6.0 and 6.1 all platforms including GUI.

Multiple Items per Inventory Tag

Allows multiple item counts to be entered per inventory tag.

Multi Currency

A comprehensive system to handle multiple currencies. Daily exchange rates, complete reporting and inquires in customer or local currency. Gain/Loss calculations done automatically. Available for version 5.2, 6.0 and 6.1 all platforms including GUI. Dealer copy available.

Notes Database

Delivery Notes, Installation Notes, Warranty Notes, General Notes, Payment/AR notes, Job site directions, etc. tied to sales orders, retained for history and backorders. Prints on quotes, pick tickets and Invoices.

Nutrition & Dietician Module

Software for Dieticians developing menus/meal plans for institutions or in-plant feeders. Maintains ingredient, recipe and meal plan data bases. Print, inquire and maintain ingredients, suppliers, recipes, facilities, nutrients and more.

On-Hold Sales Order

This will change the Sales Order entry function to not allow sales orders for a customer on hold.

On-Time Time and Attendance Software

On-Time streamlines data input by interfacing seamlessly with the OSAS Payroll module. It allows the collected data to be polled, proofed and posted to payroll while eliminating the need to calculate and re-key it. Among its many features are that it: allows for unlimited shifts with midnight crossover; automatically calculates shift premiums and overtime; tracks employee attendance; lets you create barcode badges for employees, departments, jobs and phases; produces many reports, including Work Schedule History, Schedule/Actual History Comparison, Time Card History and Exception Transaction History. Our T4 Time Clock data collector provides a direct connection to a network via Ethernet or through its internal modem. It includes a built-in barcode scanner, lets you trigger buzzers for shift changes, etc., if desired, and allows for user-defined data definitions and prompting.

OpenCommerce B2C - Retail eCommerce for OSAS

OpenCommerce B2C is a full featured eCommerce package for OSAS. Site content is updated through familiar OSAS menus. Product features include real time Credit Card Authorization, Freight calculation for UPS, Fedex, and US Postal Service, Wish Lists, Saved Carts, Featured Products, Cross Selling, Email Confirmation and Marketing, full use of OSAS Price matrix, FAQs, Order Status, Purchase History, and Package Tracking.

OpenCommerce Vendors

OpenCommerce Vendors provides web based access for Vendors of OSAS Users. OpenCommmerce Vendors content is driven completely through familiar OSAS menus. Features include secure vendor login, Purchase/Payment History, View/Print Open Purchase Orders, Open Invoices, View/Alert of Item Stock Status of Items provided by Vendor, and the ability for the Vendor to provide Package Tracking information of PO Line Items shipped.


Creates Credit Card Authorization with an IC Verify transaction request file. System dials the credit card authorization firm and automatically enters an authorization number or error code on the prepayment entry screen of Accounts Receivable, and Sales Order.

OpenMICR for AP/PO

Allows MICR encoded checks to be generated from within AP/PO. Uses blank (non-MICR encoded) laser check forms. OpenMICR prints checks for multiple bank accounts with or without the use of the Bank Reconciliation module.

OpenMICR for Payroll/Direct Deposit

Allows MICR encoded checks to be generated from within PA/DD. Uses blank (non-MICR encoded) laser check forms. OpenMICR prints checks for multiple bank accounts with or without the use of the Bank Reconciliation module.

OPENROAD Freight Billing System

OPENROAD is a complete pro bill entry and freight management system that updates your accounting applications without re-entering freight bill information. It is designed for freight transportation companies that need to automate the flow of operations and accounting. OPENROAD is tightly integrated with OPEN SYSTEMS Accounting Software (OSAS) Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable modules, to accurately record billing and interline transactions.
With OPENROAD you can save time and money, and stay informed. Detailed information lets you know the status of each freight transaction. Up to date reports show you every shipment and delivery, alert you to excessive costs, and track your service. Interline revenue is split so you know your local revenue on each transaction.
As a basic billing system or a full operations management and financial system, OPENROAD can grow with your business as it helps your business grow. Versions for truckload and less than load freight management are available. Other applications include dispatch, rating, manifesting, delivery, tracing, claims, EDI, internet services, email, payroll, and road/fuel taxes.

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager controls and manages the other ADR modules. You can increase its power and versatility by integrating it with OSAS.


Order PLUS! provides complete control for order, quote, acknowledgement, drop ship and backorder processing, point of sale, shipping, invoicing, customer deposits, sales commissions and requested ship dates by line item, inventory pricing updates, bar code label printing, bill of material processing and purchasing along with enhanced customer, item, order and history inquiries, and detailed reporting. The customer ID is increased to 10-characters to allow use of their phone number for easy identification along with a 10-character Ship-To ID.

Options include the OSAS Web interface for Business to Business e-Commerce, Kitting for selling a group of items as one item, Credit PLUS! Credit Card Authorization, General Report Writer and ODBC data dictionaries, HotLink™ to SalesCTRL ™, and UnForm form processing.

The point of sale function includes a single screen for quick entry including returns, exchanges and capture of customer information, cashier and sales rep commission tracking, end-of-day closing reports and on-screen reconciliation, support for a cash drawer, 40-column receipt printer, pole display and bar code scanner. Options include credit card authorization, Kitting, and integration with the CompuRegister PC cash register.

OSAS Web Answers

IS Systems provides VAR support for the installation, setup, and training of OSAS Web on the OSAS Web Server, Microsoft NT, SCO Unix, and Linux. We also provide customization of OSAS Web to client specifications in addition to providing enhanced Business to Business and Business to Consumer OSAS Web Solutions.

OSAS Web Assistance

We modify, integrate, consult, install, and train on OSAS Web.

OSAS Web Server

The OSAS Web Server is a complete web server, firewall, email, DHCP, a web page caching solution configured ready to plug-in at your clients site with OSAS Web pre-installed. You can now give your clients a secure internet access and OSAS Web solution without having to learn all the ins and outs of internet security and web server setup. Models are available for connectivity though dial-up, DSL, ISDN, Cable, and T1. IS Systems provides the OSAS Web Server for one complete price for hardware, setup, and phone/on-line support for installation.

OSAS Web Vertical

IS Systems is the channel leader in OSAS Web development. We have created enhancements that give OSAS Web a whole new up to date look. Using Java Script and advanced HTML techniques your clients can have a Business to Business site to rival any site on the market today. Gone are the single level groups - our enhancements allow for 5 levels of product drilldown.

Password Required to Delete Sales Order

Requires a password to delete a line item or an entire sales order.

PAYCAN (Canadian Payroll for OSAS)

Canadian Payroll for all versions of OSAS from DataKey Systems Ltd. Many standard features including processing for all provinces and territories plus options such as:

Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer with multiple accounts
Laser cheques
Auto Vac Pay payout
Cheque Reversal (standard in Ver 6)
Semi Annual updates with Support included

Payroll 401K Tracking System

Tracks 401K programs for both employees and employers. Tracks amounts distributed into multiple programs in a 401K program. The employee selects the program they are participating in. A file maintenance screen was created to maintain the information along with the employer's match. As Scheduled Deductions deduct the pay period deductions, the new 401K data fields are updated. A period maintenance function was created to allow for annual purging of data. A 401K report was created to recap each participant's information and for submitting to the 401K plan management. The 401K maintenance can be executed at a separate time from normal year end to allow for custom plans.

Payroll Export to BISYS 401K System

Exports information to a file format compatible for import into the BISYS 401K reporting system.

Payroll Mods by Applied Business Services

OpenMICR for Payroll/Direct Deposit: Allows MICR encoded checks to be generated from within PA/DD. Uses blank (non-MICR encoded) laser check forms. OpenMICR prints checks for multiple bank accounts with or without the use of the Bank Reconciliation module.
Laser Checks for Payroll: Prepares checks on preprinted laser forms for version 5.16 and earlier.
Laser 941 Report for Payroll: Prints 941 information on preprinted laser 941 form.
Laser W2 Forms for Payroll: Prints payroll information on standard laser preprinted W2 forms for version 5.16 and earlier.
Piece Work Enhancement for Payroll: This modification is designed to pay employees by the piece. Displays pieces and piece rate on paycheck stubs and reports. Hourly and salaried employees are also supported.
Compensation Time for Payroll: Allows entry and tracking of Comp time hours. Displays accrued and taken comp time hours on paycheck stubs. Additional reports and maintenance added for comp time.
EEO Report for Payroll: Calculates and prints employee totals by Labor Class and EEO status.
Message on Paycheck Stubs: Allows message to be placed on all employees paycheck stubs.
Daily Work Posting by Group Code: Time Ticket Journal, Miscellaneous Deductions Journal, and Post Transactions by Group Code.
Theatre Performers Payroll Enhancement: Pays recurring entries based on performance dates. Creates 1099's within Accounts Payable for performers. Available for version 5.16.
Payroll Time Clock Interface: Links Time Clock electronic systems with Open Systems Payroll. Automatically creates a time ticket transaction for all time clock entries.
Certified Payroll: Prepares certified payroll report for each week. Allows you to print it by job, employee, and labor code to fulfill certified payroll filing requirements.
Employee Comments for Payroll: Creates a payroll comments entry screen in the employee master file. Ability to enter comments for each employee, assign date and reference number per comment. Payroll comments master file list.
State Magnetic Media for Payroll: Provides State Magnetic Media file format for quarterly reporting.
California DE6 Form: Produces the California DE6 form by quarter. Available in report format or magnetic media.
California DE34 Form: Produces the California DE34 form by quarter. Available in report format or magnetic media.
Payroll 401k Report: Prints all 401K information on one report. Two different formats available.
Federal, State, & Local Tax Report: Prints Quarterly Employee Tax Deductions by Department.
Recurring Entries for Payroll: Set up time ticket distribution by run code. Copies entries to the payroll transactions file for regular payroll processing. Version 5.16 and earlier.
Vacation Cap for Payroll: Creates new table which contains the maximum vacation amount per specific vacation/sick table codes. The system will stop accruing vacation/sick hours for employees that have reached the maximum amount of hours.
Global Change for Payroll: Global changes to menu screens to pick changes from/thru ranges, numeric and non-numeric, replace percentage change amount. For default earning codes, department, supervisor, check location, vacation/sick code, user-defined fields.

Payroll Time Clock Interface

Links Time Clock electronic systems with Open Systems Payroll. Automatically creates a time ticket transaction for all time clock entries.

Piece Work Enhancement for Payroll

This modification is designed to pay employees by the piece. Displays pieces and piece rate on paycheck stubs and reports. Hourly and salaried employees are also supported.

Post Vendor Name in Detail to GL

Posts Vendor Name to Description and Invoice Number to Reference in the GL Journal when detail posting is selected.

Preventative and Scheduled Maintenance Module

Includes functions for setting up maintenance's, attaching them to specific equipment or vehicles and automatic work order creation along with the associated reports. WO's can be created based on time intervals or specific dates. Several reports are used to determine what work orders will be opened to assist in management of monthly or weekly work order generation. Requirements: Work Order Processing from Vertical Solutions as well as OSAS Resource Manager and Accounts Receivable.

Print Check Number on Laser Forms

Prints a check number on laser payroll checks.

Print Invoices to Multiple Printers

Allows printing of multiple copies of the invoice to multiple output devices.

Print Only Shipped Quantities on Invoices

Changes invoice to only contain shipped quantities.

Print Payroll Checks on Version 3 Forms

Prints payroll checks on Payroll version 3 payroll check forms.

Print PO Without Prices

Prints a purchase order form without prices.

Print Postal Barcodes

Prints postal barcodes on customer labels and invoices.

Production Management for Metal Finishers

The Production Management System is the best available technology created to meet the unique information and management needs of the metal finishing industry. Our software products provide the necessary tools to help our customers achieve outstanding customer service, increased quality control, and order tracking.

Professional Time Manager and Billing

The Time Entry module has 3 major uses for entering labor/time on to a Work Order for billing customers. Professional Services, Telephone Support for technicians to account for calls made to customers and data entry of daily time sheets. In conjunction with Work Order Processing this provides a option for customers using the old Time Billing Module.

PRYZM Laboratory Information System

PRYZM - A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) designed for Reference Labs or Physician's Office Labs (POLS) written in Vpro5 interfaces with Medical Office Management (MOM) to offer complete lab management and billing capability without redundant data entry. Interfaces with many laboratory analyzers available. Dynamic data storage and retention makes PRYZM an extremely strong product offering historical test comparisons.

Purchase Order Budgeting

Allows you to view a special pop-up window during the Purchase Order line item entry screen which displays the YTD Monthly, Monthly, open purchase orders, and remaining budget for all posted and unposted entries. Also prints a purchase order exception report which displays the amount remaining, GL budget, and GL actual purchase order information by vendor and PO number; prints a signature line for authorization.

Purchase Order - Order Kit Enhancement

This enhancement allows the user to order a KIT as defined in Bill of Materials/Kitting. The purchase order for the KIT is processed and tracked throughout the Purchase Order process as a single item, the KIT. At the time the purchase order for the KIT is entered only the components of the KIT are put on-order in Inventory.

Upon Receipt of Goods for the KIT Inventory is updated for the receipt of the components of the KIT. On-order quantity is reduced and On-hand quantity is increased by the quantity of the components making up the KIT.

Return Goods works the same as ordering a KIT except, of course, the process is reversed. When a KIT is returned the inventories for the components of the KIT are reduced.

The costs for the components of the KIT can be calculated using standard OSAS costing methods or calculated using a percentage basis of the cost for the KIT for each component. Cost percentages are defined in a set of tables by Product Line and can vary by Product Line.

PO Automation/Procurement Management

Procurement Management module for OSAS that provides the scalability required by small and mid-size organizations. The module creates efficiencies and improves your inventory management. Purchasing agents can now manage the procurement process with one tool rather than being required to gather information from multiple sources.

Purchase Order Automation

This module automates procurement and increases productivity by providing all relevant information to the buyer in a flexible format.

Purchase quantities are suggested, but the buyer has final discretion.

Multiple purchase orders are managed in a batch format rather than one at a time.

A buyer's code linked to the inventory category field allows multiple buyers to work simultaneously.

Suggested purchase orders can be run for specific item/sales category, or a range of items/sale categories.

Can be run for priority purchases, or for overstock/cancelled items. Purchase Order Management.

Suggested purchase orders are listed by default vendor code from the item location file.

The vendor code can be changed during the review process.

Vendor code and cost can be passed directly from sales orders to purchase orders.

Shows Quantity On Order, On Hand, Min, Max, Committed and In-Use.

The cost field is loaded from the standard cost in the Item Location file.

Four months of sales history is displayed along with the Four months average and suggested order quantity.

Various codes allow the buyer to split or combine purchase orders.

The sales order number is automatically loaded into line items that are "special order" or "vendor drop shipments".

Time required for purchasing of "drop ship" sales orders is greatly reduced, because the Ship To address is automatically loaded into the purchase order Ship To field.

Purchase orders can be managed on the screen or by report which has all the pertinent information needed to assist the buyer in the procurement process.

The table driven design allows for maximum flexibility in meeting vendor or product specific purchase order requirements.

Cost Savings and Benefits

All required purchasing information is on one screen / report.

Purchasing is a batch process and can be run several times a day.

The time to process vendor drop shipments is significantly reduced.

Multiple buyers can work on different product lines simultaneously.

Purchase order processing time is reduced.

JIT inventory levels are easier to maintain freeing up valuable capital.

Purchase Order Required Prompt During PO Entry

A field is added to the Customer record to indicate that a purchase order number is required. During Sales Order entry this field is checked. If the customer is required to have a purchase order number, Sales Order entry will not continue past the field unless a purchase order number is entered.

Purchasing Forecast

Forecast ordering based on a set of pre-established parameters that utilize locked ship quantities, locked dates, estimated dates and vendor/category/item specific parameters.

Query & Report Writer for OSAS

TRAVERSE/OSAS Report & Query Writer is designed to make it easy for you to create you own reports in just minutes. With its user-friendly design, TRAVERSE/OSAS Report & Query Writer makes report creation a snap for users of all skill levels. It uses a simple wizard interface, taking you through five easy steps to create a report. Simply name the report, set the report format options, select the fields for the report from the list of available fields (English names, not cryptic field names) and set the filter and sort conditions. After you have created your report, you can direct it to a printer, disk file, spreadsheet, screen preview or other output. TRAVERSE/OSAS Report & Query Writer does the rest!

TRAVERSE/OSAS Report & Query Writer supports joins across different data sources. For example your accounting system's data might be stored in SQL Server but you want to link accounting data with customer relationship data stored in Oracle. All we have to do for you is define how the SQL Server and Oracle tables are related, and TRAVERSE/OSAS Report & Query Writer will take care of the rest! The user doesn't have to know the data is stored in different systems; they just know they can select fields from the Accounts Receivable Customer table and the Contact History table and include information from both in the same report.

QuikSale - Point of Sale

This application is designed for use as a POS at a parts/sales counter. It is very easy to sell items quickly to counter customers. Many customers that service and repair equipment also require that customers can purchase parts, supplies, add-on equipment, consumable, or other items they sell. It supports cash drawers, daily register reports, as well as other tools to better service customers.

Recreational Property Management

FM3's RPM system addresses all your essential needs in processing information for all phases of recreational property management (Marinas, Condo Rentals, Campgrounds etc.).

Remove Edit Kit During Order Entry

Removes the "Edit Kit" prompt during order entry for kits.

Remove Hourly Rate and Amount in PA Transaction Entry

Removes the hourly rate and amount in Payroll Transaction entry.

Remove Hourly Rate from Check Stub

Removes the hourly pay rate from payroll check stubs.

Remove Inventory Items with Zero Quantity

Removes inventory items with on-hand quantities of zero.

Remove Lock on Purchase Journal Printing

Removes lock in standard OSAS to allow Purchase Journal printing while order entry is still happening.

Rental Processing

Complete counter system for equipment rental to customers. Allows reservations, with built-in calendar to keep all rentals straight. Rent or Sale from the same screen. Deposits and cycle billing for one time users or corporate customers. Currently available in 6.0x.

Rental Tool Management System

A total management solution for oilfield service companies from rental tool, fishing tool, and workover services. It creates deliver tickets, invoices, tracks usage, depreciation schedules, and purchasing. There is a Spanish version of this product which has a 25% market share of domestic oil service rental tool companies. It can purchase, sell rent, and repair equipment and parts. It is designed for the contractor rental market.

Resource Manager Mods by Applied Business Services

Workstation Date Prompt: Prompts user for workstation date upon entering the Open Systems Company main menu, therefore eliminating errors caused by entering data to an incorrect period.
Fiscal Year Alert Screen: Changes screen color to Red for General Ledger transactions when you are in last year data.

Retain Department ID in Payroll Transactions

As payroll transactions are keyed in, the department ID is retained for the next transaction.

SalesCTRL 2000

SalesCTRL is a customer relationship management application integrated with Microsoft® Office. SalesCTRL helps manage your company and contact information, account relationships, business opportunities, lead generation and tracking, sales forecasting, automated marketing campaigns, sales cycle analysis, custom reporting, appointment scheduling, data synchronization, broadcast email campaigns, and customer service functions.

The optional HotLink interface to Open Systems® Accounting Software provides account, item, order and sales history drill-down inquiries, order processing and acknowledgement, quoting, and reporting directly from SalesCTRL. Custom design reports using information from SalesCTRL and the OSAS sales history file for detailed sales analysis, account management, and sales rep reporting. Use the automated marketing functions to tailor email, fax, and letter campaigns based upon items purchased by the customer for cross-selling additional products, targeting follow ups, and suggesting recommended future orders.

Sales Order Deposits

Accepts prepayments on open Sales orders without having to split and reapply payments after the invoice is created. Works with backorders as well by reducing the prepaid amount as shipments are made.

Sales Order Management

Sales Order Management module for OSAS that provides the scalability required by small and mid-size organizations. The module creates efficiencies and improves your customer service. If your organization manages open orders, the Phase Two Sales Order Management module will save time and money. The Sales Order Management module is designed with your customers in mind. Customers will experience better levels of service due to easy access of order information as well as the order management methodologies Phase Two has incorporated.

Sales Inquiry

All open orders are reviewed and managed within this module from the Order Status Inquiry screen. Open orders can be sorted by order number, customer number, sales rep, order commitment date, and various order status codes.

Detailed information can be viewed for each individual order including: order line items, inventory fill information, customer commitment dates, estimated gross profit, sale price and cost information, desired shipping method, order notes, and order header information.

Sales Order Management

Open orders are managed in a paperless environment. This module automatically reviews the open orders to determine if they can be automatically printed for production or shipping.

The key to managing orders lies in user defined "hurdles" or the conditions under which an order should be printing for shipping or production. All orders are checked for credit, inventory, profit margin, drop shipment and up to 5 definable "hurdles" based on the sales category of the items sold. These "hurdles" are table driven and easily customized by the user. They can release automatically or manually depending on the needs of the company/user.

Access to release each "hurdle" is independent allowing for security and flexibility in the order management and review process. The Order Status Inquiry screen can be filtered based on the status of any hurdle, which provides quick searches for orders being held up by any of the hurdles.

Sales Tax Report Based on Paid Invoices

A new Sales Tax report that is based on the invoices paid. The report may be selected for a specific date range for monthly reporting.


sdOfficeTM brings the power of Microsoft Office® automation to any application on any operating system, including Windows, Unix and Linux. sdOffice provides platform-independent and language-independent control over Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, Word, and Outlook, and technologies such as MAPI and ADO. Using sdOffice, your application can seamlessly add sophisticated Office capabilities, performing such functions as spreadsheet loading and formatting, letter writing, mail merging, appointment scheduling, emailing, and contact database synchronizing.

Service Dispatch

Outbound Installation, Service, and Consulting Activities

The Service Dispatch System (SDS) provides timely, accurate information for service organizations that depend on tracking work orders from the initial call through the completion and billing of service, including the time the call was received, dispatched and serviced. Service Dispatch System integrates the activities of service (work) orders with the billing and accounting features of OPEN SYSTEMS Accounting Software™. Using several versatile functions, it is easy to maintain and look up information about open call, job site information, schedules and locations of service reps, time spent on each call, work performed and Profitability.

Service Orders are tracked immediately from receiving a service call through the various stages of services to the ultimate billing against the call. Service Calls may be entered by customer ID, street address or telephone number. Using versatile functions, you can easily look up information about open calls, job site data, schedules and locations of service reps, time spent on each call, work performed, costs involved and profitability. All scheduled calls can be reviewed, modified and printed for the day's schedule. All Equipment for a particular site may be tracked and can be automatically displayed during service call entry. The Service Dispatch System provides extensive reporting including by Service Rep, Labor Type and Customer. Service Contract features provide creation and scheduling of preventive maintenance Service Work Orders. Service History inquiries are available throughout the Service Work Order Process.

Shipmate for Sales Order

Complete shipping system that calculates freight charges for UPS, RPS, Federal Express, and 9 other user defined carriers. Prints labels, tags, airbills, and carrier manifests. Ability to link to a scale. Extensive detail historical reporting and COD Revenue tracking. Links to OSAS Accounts Receivable/Sales Order to bill freight charges with option to add profit to customer invoices based on numerous billing methods. New feature with electronic manifest link to UPS for complete package tracking.

Shipping Lightning

Shipping Lightning for Open Systems Accounting Software Version 6.02 and up.

Automation Group's Shipping Lightning simplifies daily shipping routines, saving time, money and unnecessary mistakes. With ODBC integration to Open Systems Accounting Software, Shipping Lightning virtually eliminates paperwork and other time consuming processes by 'pulling' and 'posting' shipping information from and back to OSAS. This program is designed to support carriers including UPS, RPS, FedEx, Airborne, Pony Express, U.S. Postal Service, LTL and even local carriers if desired. Add-on modules enable on line tracking, EDI and ASN to meet requirements of you largest retail customers.

Shorten Employee Detail Report

A revamped Employee Detail report to reduce paper consumption.

SO Number of Labels to Print

In Sales Order entry, a data field was added to store the number of shipping labels to print. When shipping labels are printed for orders, the number specified in the new data field is used to specify the number of labels to print.

SQL Data Warehouse for Open Systems

SQL Data Warehouse for OSAS solves many of the reporting problems associated with OSAS accounting modules. This easy to use application allows customers to do reports they have never been able to do before. In addition, offers many other benefits concerning analysis of their Open Systems accounting data. This product is modular and requires the customer to only purchase the applications they want to report on. All applications are currently available except for Fixed Assets and Payroll.

Access ALL OSAS data in minutes or seconds? It is a known fact that customers don't run reports because they take too long.

Ability to view data any way you want and easily customize it. Customers tend to not work with their data unless they are General Report Writer experts. The data in the SQL Warehouse is more normal and logical form making it easier to find and understand the data an end user wants.

Run reports accessing multiple General Ledger's years and can access data from multiple Open Systems companies.

Combine data from other sources with OSAS data. For example, projections can be much easier and simpler if you can run one report and see information from your sales tracking system (Symantec ACT!, Goldmine, etc) and OSAS.

Drill down on data when more detailed information is needed as well as reports can contain sub-sorts and subtotals within standard reports.

When creating reports, it is much easier to understand, use and learn than any of the current tools available.

There are many other benefits to this add-on module for OSAS such as easily adding logos and graphics, different fonts and colors to customize reports. SQL Data Warehouse provides the ability to mine as well as manufacture new data to gain even more insight into the information customers have on their business. If you have a customer who says I want "windows", ask if they really mean "windows style reporting". Why give up the speed of data entry while not addressing the reporting issues. This product can really add value and make your customer money.

State Magnetic Media for Payroll

Provides State Magnetic Media file format for quarterly reporting.

Theatre Performers Payroll Enhancement

Pays recurring entries based on performance dates. Creates 1099's within Accounts Payable for performers. Available for version 5.16.

Time and Equipment Rate Billing

Allows you to set up rates for People and Equipment and bill per hour. Also has the ability to print DEC Forms.

Transportation Operations Manager

Turnkey system for trucking companies. Dispatching, Freight Billing, Barcoding, WWW posting of tariffs, pickups and deliveries. Since 1985. DOS, WINDOWS, NOVELL, NT. OSAS 4.5 and up.


UnForm® is a powerful document management tool, designed to integrate laser forms, enhanced reporting and workflow management seamlessly into any software application. UnForm watches your print jobs, such as invoices, statements, balance sheets and even custom reports. The intelligent text analyzer determines what job is printing and applies enhancements and print control to the job before sending it on to a printer, file, fax or other compatible device. Use UnForm to generate high-quality laser forms, e-Documents in Adobe Acrobat format, HTML reports, and bar code labels for Zebra printers. UnForm also supports MICR encoding for laser checks and most all bar coding symbologies.

Vacation Cap for Payroll

Creates new table which contains the maximum vacation amount per specific vacation/sick table codes. The system will stop accruing vacation/sick hours for employees that have reached the maximum amount of hours.

VSI- FAX Integration

OSAS v4.0 to current users Fax any OSAS output that can go to a printer. Adds fax as a printer in the printer selection box. Cover sheet information is prompted for.

VSI-FAX Integration

Integration of OSAS Forms, reports, and messages to a Fax and Email server means greater productivity and significant cost reductions. With Fax & Email Integration, developed by Modular Data Systems, Inc., take charge of current technology and transfer the cost reduction to the profit line of your statement. It is quick to install, easy to use, and the cost savings are immediate. Ask your reseller for a demonstration and see the features that have made Fax & Email Integration the product of choice for OSAS users.

Fax & Email Integration, F&EI, streamlines the printing and delivery of Forms to your vendors and customers. The standard enhancement includes interfaces for Purchase Order, and Accounts Receivable or Sales Order. Purchase Order Forms may be Faxed or Emailed directly to the vendor. AR Invoice and Statement Forms may be Faxed or Emailed directly to the customer. A hard copy of the Form is normally printed for internal control prior to electronic transmission to the vendor or customer. A Form may be sent to as many as eight different Fax and Email destinations. The F&EI enhancement interfaces to the VSI-FAX server product directly. Any OSAS Form and or Report may be interfaced to the VSI-FAX server with the enhancement. Additionally, messages, alarms, and notices may be sourced within OSAS and transmitted immediately to pagers, cell phones, and or other systems via email or fax.

W2 Employee Copy 4 Up

ABS has a new modification for W2 employee copy 4 up, one employee, per page. It saves on the collating of the employee copies of the forms. All four copies of the form fit without collating into one envelope.

Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Manager is an adaptable warehousing accounting system. Linked with OSAS AR it will provide a total solution to better manage your business. You will be able to identify lost sales and increase revenue by accurately tracking the current customer using your company and the customers that have stopped or slowed down.

Web Access Manager

The Web Access Manager is designed for companies who want to publish custom information to the internet but do not want to have an in-house programmer to code their in-house system. ADR's Web Access fits well for companies who do not want to expose their in-house corporate computer system to the outside world wide web.

Web Hosting

Set of programs to send OSAS data to our servers and display on the Internet. Custom HTML display, secure log-ins, any version, SQL engine.

Work Order Plus

Complete, fully integrated suite of work order processing-based modules designed to automate companies that build, install, repair, service, and/or maintain equipment and vehicles. This base application provides tracking of parts (from OSAS Inventory) as well as non-stock parts. Book (bill) versus actual hours and outside repair costs can provide full profitability on all work orders. This application supports many billing forms and processes (3rd party, warranty and insurance) as well as work order dispatch forms. Full detailed equipment file contains information like last service date, upcoming maintenances, make, model, serial numbers, etc and can contain multiple levels of components. On screen inquiries allow everyone to see exactly what is going on with customers both current and historical data. Kits are supported and can be built on "the fly" for quick and easy data entry. See other modules that can be added to the base Work Order Module that provide, Preventive/Scheduled Maintenance, Purchase Order Interface, Dispatch WO Manager, Contracts & Job Management, Professional Time Manager. See this ISV directory for more details on each module.

Personnel Records

Personnel Records tracks your personnel, their personal information, and their company information. In addition to the detailed information regarding each employee, Personnel Records tracks benefit/beneficiary information, dependent information, medical data, and job/salary history. It also maintains COBRA data, when applicable, as well as detailed information on employee illnesses and workplace injuries for OSHA and Workers Compensation reports.

With the optional integration of OSAS Payroll, employee information is maintained in Personnel Records and then updated in the Payroll data through the use of Payroll Change transactions.

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