Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN)

eBRIDGE's ASN works in conjunction with the eBridge to expand your accounting package for the demands of your customers by taking your sales orders or invoices down to container level and integrating to MH10 or UCC 28 label printing programs. This software is seamlessly integrated into your accounting application. ASN is a necessity when you have customers who are cross docking.

AP Check Saver

The current Traverse system prints as many invoice numbers as it can on a check stub and then voids the check and continues until it prints all invoices and then the check to the vendor. In the case of primary vendors, it results in over 10 checks being destroyed each time you remit payment. CCG will modify the system as follows:

  1. CCG will modify the Option ad Interfaces that will allow the user to define how many invoices they want to allow to print before the "AP Check Saver" is initiated. A user could decide that 20 invoices and voiding 1 check is o.k, but not more than one.
  2. Detail will print the checks as TRAVERSE is architected. Summary will print no invoice detail on the stubs and simply write one check for the total of the invoices being paid. When the checks are finished printing the system will prompt the user with a message "Please replace check stock with plain paper". OHM will then print a "supplemental schedule which will be included with the check allowing the vendor to apply the payment properly. The system will automatically produce 2 copies of each schedule. All other forms will remain the same, including the check register that will allow you to reprint the "stub" if you need in the future.

AP Direct Deposit

Creates Direct Deposit files for transmission to bank for AP checks. Available for TRAVERSE C/S, version 8.41.


AlarmBase Professional is a full accounting and job management system for security alarm companies. The AR module addresses unique requirements related to the maintenance of multiple customer sites, tracking a site's systems and equipment, invoicing services on a recurring basis, and automating the process of canceling services. The JM module provides complete management of fixed price and time & materials jobs. It is interfaced with AR for job billings, sales commissions (which can be calculated using a combination of methods) and to allow for associating recurring services to a job. Additionally, the integrated graphical scheduler simplifies scheduling of installation and service jobs for multiple branches and departments.

Ban-Koe Bridge interface from Kronos to TRAVERSE

The Ban-Koe Bridge is a tool for importing time and attendance data collected in Kronos to Traverse. The bridge eliminates manual data entry from time sheets each pay period and the costly keying entry errors that go with it. Save hours processing payroll each week. Import employee ID, hours, pay codes and account information to payroll by clicking on an icon. The Ban-Koe Bridge allows you to take full advantage of your current labor management data by improving their data sharing capabilities and accessibility.

The Ban-Koe Bridge can interface your Kronos product to a myriad of other programs. POS, security and door access, employee imaging and badge production programs, financials, scheduling, remote data collection programs are just a few of the programs that are currently sharing data utilizing the Ban-Koe Bridge.

Barcoded Inventory System (BIS)

BIS allows you to print barcode labels for your products and to collect physical inventory count information and upload it into the TRAVERSE Inventory module. Once the data is there it can be manipulated as needed. BIS allows you to print barcode labels on laser, dot matrix or the Blaster label printer. It utilizes the SPT 1500/1700 series palm units to combine the latest barcode scanning technology with the Palm platform. BIS has been helping OSAS users increase productivity and decrease errors for more than nine years. Now we're making that same great solution available for TRAVERSE users.

Bar Code System for TRAVERSE

Traverse Bar Code System (T-Bar) is an integrated hardware and software bar code solution that works seamlessly with Traverse to gather and process data. The hardware consists of handheld wireless bar code terminals that communicate through base stations to update the Traverse database in real-time. Information can be scanned or entered on the terminal keypad. T-Bar consists of four core software applications; Physical Inventory, Sales Order, Purchase Order and Manufacturing. Version 10.1 will have a separate function for Inventory Put-Away and the ability to recorder and manage voice prompts that can be sent to the handheld terminals.

Physical Inventory allows users to roam the warehouse scanning item bar codes on tags inventory worksheets, bin locations or any other bar code source. As items are scanned users are prompted for counts that update physical inventory batches in real-time.

Sales Order creates pick slips with bar codes that warehouse workers scan to automatically verify orders from the floor. This function eliminates the need for Sales Order to be verified in Traverse.

Purchase Order can print orders with bar codes that are scanned during receiving to automatically update inventory and Purchase Order line items.

The Manufacturing interface increases the efficiency of recording production activity. Many manufacturing companies are reluctant to record the details of production activity because of the high cost of gathering this information. T-Bar allows production activity to be recorded in a fraction of the time required by using the standard data entry forms.

All of the bar code applications work with standard inventory items as well as lotted and serialized items.

BDO Canadian Payroll Enhancement for Traverse US Payroll

BDO Canadian Payroll for Traverse is available for all current versions of Traverse. With this module, you can produce detailed reports to help you plan and generate a budget. Manage your expenses efficiently by tracking Revenue Canada source deductions such as Employment Insurance (EI), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Employer Health Tax (EHT) and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) liabilities, as well as earnings by department. You decide whether to calculate scheduled deductions as a fixed amount, a percentage of gross pay, an hourly rate, or a declining balance. You can easily produce T4's, T4A's, T4 Summary and Record of Employment (ROE) reports.

This enhancement allows the US Payroll to be used in Canada. Annual tax table subscription.

BDO Canadian Payroll Direct Deposit

BDO Canadian Payroll Direct Deposit for Traverse is available for all current versions of Traverse. Please contact us for more information. The Direct Deposit option is available for Canadian Banks; Toronto Dominion Bank (TD Bank), Bank of Montreal (BMO), Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), and Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank).


Help Desk, Time Billing, and Contact Manager in one package. Designed for the support services industry, it maintains a complete record of the services and products your company provides. Tracks and analyzes employee's time and activity. Contains complete historical data on all work performed for each client. User-defined Help Book provides instant online support. Numerous standard reports are available, Prints invoices, proposals, fax cover sheets, and more.

Consignment Modification

Consignment Memo - A Consignment Warehouse field and Consignment Flag will be added to the Customer Maintenance screen. When an end user enters a Sales Order Transaction, the order will be flagged as a Consignment Order if the customer is flagged as a Consignment Customer in Customer Setup. End user will then follow standard TRAVERSE procedure for printing pick slips. When the Consignment flagged Sales Order is verified, the system will produce a warehouse transfer crediting the warehouse shipping the produce and debiting the customers consignment warehouse. When the consignment order (verified) is posted no G/L or A/R transactions will occur.

When a Credit Memo is issued to the Consignment Customers, the Consignment Warehouse will be credited and the standard TRAVERSE warehouse will be debited. When the Credit memo is posted, neither GL nor AR transactions will be created.

Any "Invoices" issued to the Consignment customers will act like any other invoice except the Customers Consignment warehouse will default in the location ID from Customer Setup.

Construction Job Cost for TRAVERSE

Construction Job Cost tracks estimates and actual expenses for construction jobs. This flexible system is great for both large and small jobs. Job costs can be broken down into groups, and further divided into cost codes. The comprehensive reporting draws from other accounting modules to present estimates from job cost, committed costs from purchase orders, and actual costs from payroll, accounts payable and inventory.

Jobs can be posted to work-in-process accounts, and expensed to the income statements using the percent completion method to transfer costs.

Contract and change orders can be posted to a job at any time. An unlimited number of cost groups can be established with an unlimited number of cost codes associated with these groups. The inquiry and reporting programs will show actual costs as compared to the estimates.

Contract billing is available with Job Cost. It allows for retention billing, percent completion billing and flexible invoice formats such as the popular AIA format.

Job Cost is integrated with Ascente service and Traverse accounting. This allows the operator to perform data entry in one place, and the other modules can view the information. The following modules are integrated with Job Cost:

Credit Card Approval

Credit Card approval is the natural addition to the AR and SO applications of TRAVERSE®. After entering a payment and selected a Credit Card company as method of payment, a submit button is displayed. The authorization or denied message is recorded with the payment transaction and stored in history for future reference. The Credit Card payments can be used in AR Transactions, AR Cash Receipts and SO Transactions. The Merchant Number is Company specific. This add on is available for the following Credit Card companies: VeriSign, pcCharge and Shift-4.


DataTrac tracks supplier's invoice documents and other expenditures for the purpose of joint venture billing back to your investors. It keeps an historical record of your project division of interest, creates joint venture billing invoices, and simultaneously makes the information available to meet your financial accounting and reporting needs. The system provides access to detailed and summary historical data, scanned paper data and most other data media commonly exchanged in business today, including spreadsheets and word processor document files. Cost tracking analysis is available in a spreadsheet environment without the need to re-enter a single piece of data.

Dispatching System

Dispatching vertical links directly to TRAVERSE GL. This system was designed for the top Niagara Falls Tourism Company in Western New York. Main Features include: vehicle transportation for multiple pickup points, scheduled manually or computerized. Many statistical sales reports, Commission by flat rate, percentage and by sales location and many more features.


TRAVERSE EDI opens your business to the lucrative world of American Retailers. Whether you have a limited volume of sales with the large retailers or this is a new market for your Wholesale/Distribution business, the opportunities are vast. Most Wholesalers increase their business by 100% or more when they can exchange data via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). EDI is a unique opportunity to develop new steady sales with large and well established companies.

Electronic Purchasing System

This Electronic Purchasing System will use electronic delivery systems. It will operate in a WAN environment and is an extension of a current system in use between 2 corporate locations, in the U.S. and South America.

Freight Broker Front Office

Freight Broker Front Office is comprised of primarily 2 modules - 1) Order Entry - 2) Rate Quotation but also includes a maintenance module for end-user customization & maintenance of defaults & multi-currency rates etc. Both modules use the Goldmine application as an integrated Contact Manager backend to generate real time calls, activities & appointments as well as a wide range of sales presentations & analysis reports. MS-Exchange and/or Outlook are the integrated mail clients. Real time credit & account status information is drawn from TRAVERSE AR/SO modules integrated to the FBF Sales Order module. The FBF systems posts Sales & Trade Purchases directly to TRAVERSE Sales Order & Purchase Order after hours unattended or on demand. We are currently developing a routine to provide "After Hours" unattended scheduling of TRAVERSE Journals & Reports. All modifications are done in the FBF application leaving both the TRAVERSE & Goldmine applications "Off the Shelf"

General Ledger Import Link

This modification links to various outside payroll systems with TRAVERSE General Ledger by importing a GL transaction file into TRAVERSE General Journal file.

Standard GL transaction import

Provides a simple, automated and controlled way of updating TRAVERSE®s's GL transactions from an outside source or an external application such as Payroll Services, the consolidation of External Companies of a Group, etc... The data can be received a flat (ASCII) or an Access file. The transactions are checked for balance within GL period/year.

Group Sales

Group Sales vertical links directly to TRAVERSE AR. This system was designed for the top Niagara Falls Tourism Company in Western New York. It has features such as Hotel reservations with room block recognition, Tour Sales, Misc. Sales, Transfers, Payments, Vouchers and more.

INFO-ALERT - Automated Alert System

INFO-ALERT - "Alert Manager", "Tool Kit" and "Traverse/OSAS Data Map"
Info-Alert for Traverse/OSAS is designed to monitor the OSAS or Traverse data to provide automated "Alerts" to owners, managers and users when various business conditions are met. It is a set of stand alone programs (Alert Manager, Tool Kit, and Data Maps) that manages the creation of various business alerts and manages the setup of their alert generation parameters, the scheduling of how often the alert will monitor a database, and the assignment of email recipients or reports of a generated alert. For Traverse and OSAS, there are a wide variety of pre-set alerts available "out of the box" for users to select from. For example…

These are a few of the ways that Info-Alert acts like a "Virtual Employee," reviewing data daily and reporting to various persons, but only the information they need to act on…

Info-Alert is easy to install and use, does not adjust any existing program code and is comprised of 3 segments.

Alert Manager: Provides a simple user interface to allow the ability to select from a listing of pre-defined alerts, establish alert generation parameters, designate recipients of a generated alert, and setup the schedule of how often a given alert is to monitor the database.

Tool Kit: Provides the tools to quickly map to any SQL, Access, or Microsoft compatible database (via the Data Map Wizard), to create an alert with all it user oriented parameter settings (Alert Wizard), and to export a newly created alert and all of its components for importing into any user's Alert Manager for active use.

Data Map: A "data map" is a set of pre-defined alerts for a given software product. The data map for Traverse and OSAS includes over 40 predefined alerts with more being added over time. Data Maps for other products are being created by other VAR's for resale to their client base.


>Unlimited Bin Number maintains the Inventory quantities in TRAVERSE® by Bin Number within a location outside of the Physical Count. In a manner similar to the Lots, if the Bin Number is activated, each physical movement is recorded for a specific Bin Number. This feature allows for real Cyclical Physical counts. The Picking Slips print in the sequence of the Bin Number, streamlining the warehouse operations.

Inventory Mods by Applied Business Services

Inventory Summary Transaction: The cost of the item will appear below the item column in the Inventory Summary Transaction History report when selected by date.

iCourier; Shipping & Logistics, a paperless shipping environment

With e BRIDGE's iCourier, you can quickly and easily plug in couriers to your order information management process allowing you to:

  1. Track information on packages faster and more efficiently, improving customer service
  2. Seamlessly and transparently automate the flow of purchase orders, invoices and shipping notices
  3. Reduce back office costs by eliminating data re-entry, duplication of tasks, and errors

With e BRIDGE's iCourier, no physical data entry is required. All transactions seamlessly integrate into your accounting package without a key stroke, essentially creating a paperless shipping environment.

iEDI; E-business Integration

e BRIDGE fully and seamlessly integrates bi-directionally EDI business transactions to your accounting software.

Features: Full data verification against application database. Automatic data filling for missed optional fields from import file. Inventory and Customer order checking.
Benefits: Eliminates the duplication of data. Eliminates re-keying of information within an organization. Improves response time and customer service.

iSolutions; Modular Integration

eBRIDGE has taken the extensive knowledge gathered from over seven years of e-business document integration and incorporated it into "out-of-the-box", modular isolutions that eases integration and provides an extensive upgrade path. Customers can start-off with the module that meets their immediate integration need and plug-in further modules as they require them.

Each iSolution includes both a module that provides functionality specific to the integration need and the eBridge, which acts as the data "engine" that powers the integration.

Logo on Accounts Receivable Forms

Prints company's custom Logo on Accounts Receivable Invoices and Statement laser forms. The Logo program updates the AR module to utilize the logo that is stored in System Manager.

Mapper; Map e-business application data to accounting system data formats

The Mapper provides an intelligent method for matching e-business documents to accounting application documents, thus overcoming the inherent incompatibilities caused by proprietary data formats. The e BRIDGE solutions use the Mapper to produce common data formats for documents of the same type (e.g., sales orders, invoices, ASNs), as well as different, but compatible documents such as sales forecasts to sales orders and ASN to invoice.

The Mapper is a Windows 32 Console Application Utility which enables flexible deployment.

The Mapper uses a map database that contains definitions, templates, and schemas that allow it to process documents in varied formats such as traditional EDI, XML, or simple structured ASCII text files. These definitions or schemas serve as the locators for particular pieces of information, such as a Customer Purchase Order Number, in a transmission. The map database consists of customer and document-specific reformatting rules indicating how to modify a particular document in compliance with rules specific to the accounting application.

MAS 90 and MAS 200 to TRAVERSE® data conversion

A menu driven comprehensive set of imports programs providing a one-day data conversion from these applications. The functions are clear and easy to run. A set of tables simplifies the conversion of codes and classifications. A detailed User's Guide provides ample assistance in this process. Computer Solutions can help completing this sometimes arduous task in a fast and controlled manner.

MICR encoded checks for Payables and Payroll

If you print checks for multiple banks and you are tired of messing around with check stocks from many banks. Loading and unloading checks from the printer. Forget about all those troubles and start using our MICR encoded check programs written for TRAVERSE Accounts Payable and Payroll.

Miscellaneous Utilities for Traverse

We have created a number of useful utilities for Traverse to make it easier and more productive to use. We've modified a number of Pivot Tables, Views and have created new Excel spreadsheets and Access Queries to make working with many parts of Traverse much more versatile, user friendly and provide you with information that you can't easily get from Traverse. We also have "Procedure Manuals" that show users how to use Traverse in real world settings that they can't get out of the manuals, such as Daily Cash Out Procedures, EOM Procedures, AR/AP How-To's, etc. Some of the many utilities and spreadsheets we've created are: "Inventory On Hand Report", "Inventory Reorder Report/System", "Open Order Lookup", "Verify Orders to Ship", "Scheduling Service", "Mass Update Inventory Prices, etc.", "Daily Cash Out",  "GL Verify/Change Correct Posting Periods", "Bank Reconciliation Made Easy", many "Sales & Inventory Analysis Reports", "Purchase Order Cross Reference Part Numbers Report", plus many others.

NOAH Association Management System

NOAH is a comprehensive management and operations system for trade and professional associations. All association activities such as membership, subscriptions, dues billing, collections, meetings, continuing education, trade shows, governance, and certification are included. e-NOAH allows access via the Internet for online updates by members, registration for meetings and events, a shopping cart with secure credit card processing and document processing.

Oil and Gas - Joint Interest Billing System (JIB)

JIB creates Invoices for Joint Interest Partners based on a date sensitive Division of Interest. Total Lease operating costs are automatically tracked, Accounts Receivable from partners, as well as Operator Accounts Payable are automatically recorded in TRAVERSE. All of the above takes place by simply entering the invoice once in JIB.

Oil and Gas - Revenue Distribution (RD)

RD allocates Partner revenues based on a date sensitive Division of Interest. Total Lease revenues and production volumes are automatically tracked, and Accounts Payable from respective partners are automatically recorded in TRAVERSE. All of the above takes place by simply entering the payments received for production volumes of oil and or gas sold.

On-Line Payment authorization for SO and AR

Process Credit Cards and ATM/Debit Cards interactively. TRAVERSE® On-line payment authorization provides an interactive payment authorization tool for SO or AR's Transaction's Payment and Cash Receipts. Of particular interest for Telephone Orders, TRAVERSE® On-line payment works in conjunction with VeriSign, PCCharge and Shift-4 companies. In a Point of Sale environment, the Credit or Debit Card information can be read using a card swipe device.

On-Time Time and Attendance Software

On-Time Stand Alone lets you gather employee time and attendance data simply and easily. No more trying to decipher handwritten time sheets or "stretching" of time by employees. Numerous built-in functions allow extensive data processing and reporting. Written in MS Access, it conforms to Windows usability standards and can be customized for your unique needs.

On-Time allows for unlimited shifts with midnight crossover. Shift premiums are automatically calculated on a user-defined basis. Set grace periods for punching in and out, with exact time calculations or quarter-hour rounding.

Among the reports you can create are: Work Schedule History, Schedule/Actual History Comparison, Employee Sign Off History, Time Card History, Transaction History, Daily Transactions, Calendar Transactions, and Exception Transaction History.

To collect your data, On-Time utilizes either our E5 Ethernet Time Clock data collector or our PC Time Clock software, which turns your computer into a time clock data collector. Delayed polling allows unattended polling of the data collector, and transactions can be edited after polling. Create barcodes for employee or department ID badges or labels, including your company logo if you choose. Also create barcodes for jobs or phases for job cost data collection and/or posting into the TRAVERSE Job Cost module.

Payroll Tax Forms

Print IRS approved form 941 and Schedule B directly from a laser printer. No transcription from a worksheet necessary. Prompts for signer name and title.

Preventive Maintenance

Vehicle Preventive Maintenance tracking system vertical that will link with TRAVERSE AR. Software is designed more towards truck repair shops. The system links directly to AR. Includes features such as: tracking maintenance on hours or mileage.

Product Configurator

Manufacturing: The Product Configurator is a program designed for the Make-to-Order, or Configure-to-Order manufacturing market. These are businesses whose products can be built or assembled in a multitude of ways, often with certain configurations or options that have an affect on other options. Sometimes the complexities of their products require extensive product knowledge on the part of the sales person. The Product Configurator was designed to eliminate mistakes in the sales process from inexperienced sales people selling items that are either impossible to manufacture or not offered. The Product Configurator also eliminates the need to have a separate Inventory Item ID or BOM for every product configuration. The custom BOM is created "on the fly" after the order is put into production. In the Sales Order module, the program walks the salesman through a list of questions to pose to the customer. As each question is answered, the next appropriate question is presented. Customer cost is computed in real time with each option selected. When the process is completed, the order sits waiting to be confirmed, as a normal sales order would be. The work order is made and a BOM for this item is created after the item is placed into production.

Query & Report Writer for TRAVERSE

Traverse/OSAS Report & Query Writer is designed to make it easy for you to create you own reports in just minutes. With its user-friendly design, Traverse/OSAS Report & Query Writer makes report creation a snap for users of all skill levels. It uses a simple wizard interface, taking you through five easy steps to create a report. Simply name the report, set the report format options, select the fields for the report from the list of available fields (English names, not cryptic field names) and set the filter and sort conditions. After you have created your report, you can direct it to a printer, disk file, spreadsheet, screen preview or other output. Traverse/OSAS Report & Query Writer does the rest!

Traverse/OSAS Report & Query Writer supports joins across different data sources. For example your accounting system's data might be stored in SQL Server but you want to link accounting data with customer relationship data stored in Oracle. All we have to do for you is define how the SQL Server and Oracle tables are related, and Traverse/OSAS Report & Query Writer will take care of the rest! The user doesn't have to know the data is stored in different systems; they just know they can select fields from the Accounts Receivable Customer table and the Contact History table and include information from both in the same report.

Quick AP Transactions

Looking for a time saver? Quick AP is a fast, convenient way to enter Accounts Payable transactions without having to use the more elaborate AP transaction entry form. The programming supports batching and multicurrency transactions and makes entering transactions a snap. Using a mechanism similar to TRAVERSE's GL transaction input, you input transactions and then "write" them from one, easy-to-use form. Once written (they get written to the standard AP transaction tables), you can post as usual with the Post Transactions function.

Rebuild Wizard

Rebuild utility program to compress/compact Traverse data. Repairs data by company, by module, or all data.

Rental Tool Management System

A total management solution for oilfield service companies from rental tool, fishing tool, and work over services. It creates deliver tickets, invoices, tracks usage, depreciation schedules, and purchasing. There is a Spanish version of this product which has a 25% market share of domestic oil service rental tool companies. It can purchase, sell rent, and repair equipment and parts. It is designed for the contractor rental market.

Room Referral Tracking System

The Room Referral vertical links directly to Traverse GL. This system was designed for the top Niagara Falls Tourism Company in Western New York and well fitted for. It is commission based and track referral's per agent and hotel. Features: Customer statements, many detailed and summarized reports.


SalesCTRL is a customer relationship management application integrated with Microsoft® Office. SalesCTRL helps manage your company and contact information, account relationships, business opportunities, lead generation and tracking, sales forecasting, automated marketing campaigns, sales cycle analysis, custom reporting, appointment scheduling, data synchronization, broadcast email campaigns, and customer service functions.

The optional HotLink interface to TRAVERSE® Business Accounting Software for Windows provides account, item, order and sales history drill-down inquiries, order processing and acknowledgement, quoting, and reporting directly from SalesCTRL. Custom design reports using information from SalesCTRL and the TRAVERSE sales history file for detailed sales analysis, account management, and sales rep reporting. Use the automated marketing functions to tailor email, fax, and letter campaigns based upon items purchased by the customer for cross-selling additional products, targeting follow ups, and suggesting recommended future orders, provides account, item, order and sales history inquires, order processing, and reporting functions directly from SalesCTRL.

Sales Order - Purchase Order Link

SO/PO link – Add the ability to create a Purchase Order directly from a Sales Order by line item. User will be able to check all lines where a PO needs to be created. The Default Vendor setup in Inventory will default in as the vendor to purchase from but can be overwritten at time of Sales Order Entry. A blue drill down field will be added to the Sales Order entry screen allowing the user to see the Purchase Order created for the line item. All items on the order coming from the same vendor will be combined into one Purchase Order.

On the Ship to tab, a check box will be available to flag the order as "Drop Ship". If this box is checked, the Ship To information from the Sales Order will be copied to the Purchase Order.

On the Purchase Order side a blue drill down field will be added to the line item detail allowing the user to see the Sales Order that initiated the Purchase Order.

If the order was a Drop Ship, as soon as the Purchase Order is "received" the corresponding Sales Order line will be "verified"

*Sales Order costing will pull from method of costing setup in Inventory Options and Interfaces.

Service Center

Service Management - Browser Based Call Handling and Contract Management software fully integrated with Traverse Accounting Software.

Features including Automatic Response Time Calculation, Contract Status Checking, Preventative Maintenance Due Alerts and Engineer Tracking which ensures an effective Call Management System in a Response Critical environment. Field Service Reporting provides Product Quality Information, Engineers Time Sheets and Time & Materials Invoicing Data. Statistical Reports include analysis of Engineer Performance, Product Quality (MTTR and MTBF) and Profitability Reports. The Contract Management module is designed to provide total management of Multiple Customer Installations, and Multiple Serialized Product Assets installed at these Equipment Sites. It can also maintain Multiple Contracts with customizable Service Level Agreements, Service Coverage, Response Times, Automatic Renewal Tracking and Preventive Maintenance Scheduling. Plus, many optional Coding features to manage Field Engineers' Fault and Repairs, Common reported problems, Contract Types and Call Resolution Types.

Service Dispatch Management (Ascente)

Ascente is a fully integrated suite of applications designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of today's Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical Service Contractor. The applications include: Service Management, Maintenance Contract Management, Maintenance Tasking, Quick Purchase Orders, Flat Rate pricing Interface, Digital Paging. Service Management includes call taking, dispatch, scheduling, billing and complete history.

Special Trial Balance for General Ledger

Cumulative Trial Balance that displays beginning balance, period, activity credits and debits columns, and ending balances, which subtotals by account number sort order for roll-up.

TRAVERSE For Video and CD Duplication

Fully integrated package for the Video and CD duplication industry. Track the location of your client's masters as well as the status of any work order. E-mail or fax both sales orders and nvoices.

TRV Back Door Guard

We have a program that will monitor users opening TRV's directly and for the most part will never knew they've been discovered. Deployed correctly even holding down the shift key won't prevent the intrusion from being recorded. This version will not however record each time someone attaches to it and opens the tables. This is something that will be done at some point but if a couple of people request it will be done sooner than later. A sample of what information is captured:

Access User Name: Admin
Database that has been violated: D:\TRAVERSE841\CPU\CPUAP1.TRV
Date/Time of Violation: 11/26/01 9:45:33 AM
Workstation Used to gain access: Bills850

Utility Billing

This is an add-on to the Accounts Receivable system - it allows you to bill your customers for both Metered and non-metered services, to set customers up to be billed for Actual costs, or place them on a Budget Plan, and can handle Multi-Unit buildings - either commercial (Office Complexes) or Residential (Apartments) along with single Unit structures - Office building owned by a company, or single-family residences. It permits services to have multiple meters, if necessary, and to have any type of a rate structure - which can be different for each service and/or meter within a service.

Venture Information System

The Venture Information System (VIS) was designed specifically for Importers, Exporters and distributors. It is an entirely web based system developed using the Microsoft .NET technology. It has been designed to interface with TRAVERSE accounting and manufacturing modules.

Some of the features that set the Venture Information System apart are:

  1. Product Position: an overview that allows sales and purchasing agents to access up-to-the-minute information about how much of a specific product they have on hand, how much is currently being shipped ("in transit" or "at source"), and how much has been sold.
  2. Venture (Shipment) Level Analysis: The Venture Analysis function provides specific financial data on every shipment that is ordered.
  3. Individual Unit Level Tracking: The system tracks each shipment at the most basic unit level storing information about every individual unit.
  4. Logistics Management Automation: Every part of the Importer's supply chain is automated; from Initial Purchase Order to transportation to a product's final destination.
  5. Certificate of Analysis: The need for a display of Product Specifications is essential in numerous Import industries. This system allows the user(s) to specify the precise specifications associated with a given shipment of a product, and to provide documentation of these specifications to both their suppliers and their customers.

W-2 4-Up

Print all 4 Employee copies of the W-2 on a single page with a laser printer. Folds neatly into a windowed W-2 envelope for easy mailing. Available for TRAVERSE Desktop and C/S, version 8.33/9.33 and 8.4/9.4

Web Page Linked to TRAVERSE Database

Professional and affordable web site development services for you and your clients, including:

Site Design and layout
Intranet and Internet web sites
Static and dynamic web pages
Web pages linked to "live" databases, such as TRAVERSE
Graphic Design - static or animated
Publicizing your site for increased visibility
Upgrading and enhancing existing websites

Warehouse Management

Wireless (R/F)
Real-time data updates

Request Product Information
Product Support