Our single source solutions begin with platform-independent, feature-rich accounting applications—solutions that are flexible, easily customized, scalable and portable. This gives you a single point of contact for all your business solution needs, from your back office accounting system to your industry specific solution to the Internet. When integrated with distribution, manufacturing, service, business intelligence and eBusiness applications, you have an extremely powerful software suite with a proven track record.

General Ledger - Get vital information today and make the best decisions for tomorrow. General Ledger lets you report, compare and analyze key information and statements-- critical to your company's success.

Multicurrency - Multicurrency capabilities allow you to develop and maintain productive relationships with international customers and vendors while handling transactions in any number of currencies.

Accounts Payable - Tracking obligations to suppliers, controlling cash flow, and making sound management decisions is now easier than ever. Accounts Payable is designed to provide vital information quickly and easily.

Accounts Receivable - Manage your cash, know your customers, and analyze performance and trends. Accounts Receivable provides the features you want and the tools you need to run your business more effectively.

Payroll - Payroll management is easy. The Payroll application keeps you current with government reporting requirements while giving you total flexibility.

Enhanced Payroll Tax Reporting - Boost your productivity gain and eliminate hours of typing with this one-click solution for payroll reporting. Using this highly interactive reporting tool you'll get over 300 certified state and federal reports.

Direct Deposit - Direct Deposit makes pay day easier for everyone, offering choices and flexibility for employers and employees alike. With this Payroll companion module, your employees enjoy peace of mind--and you get more productivity on pay day.

Bank Reconciliation - Keep tight control over your company's cash and manage your capital wisely. Bank Reconciliation helps you streamline and improve the reconciliation of bank statements with general ledger accounts.

Fixed Assets - Make sound acquisition decisions, meet government reporting requirements, and save time. Fixed Assets gives you the power to analyze the tax and cash-flow implications of assets before you acquire them and track their valuation and depreciation once you do.