Enterprise-Wide CRM

Sage ACCPAC CRM offers the advanced functionally needed for effective sales force automation, marketing, customer care, and call center support across industries, all accessible though a Web browser or wireless handheld device. With Sage ACCPAC CRM, key personnel have easy access to common, client-focused information, enabling them to provide better, more personalized service to help foster customer loyalty.

Sales Force Automation

From first contact to order fulfillment and delivery, Sage ACCPAC CRM Sales Force Automation maintains a single source of information that is shared across the enterprise. Fully customizable with workflow, opportunity management, sales cycle analysis, forecasting, and easy-to-use reporting features, Sage ACCPAC CRM makes it easy to understand and respond to prospects and customers — all the time.

Marketing Automation

Sage ACCPAC CRM Marketing Automation helps you maximize revenue opportunities and return on investment (ROI) by enabling you to respond quickly to your customers though cost-effective, highly personalized, and targeted marketing programs. It's easy to develop, target, implement, manage, and analyze campaigns. Sage ACCPAC CRM automates the process, from concept to lead distribution and every step in between, cutting costs and improving the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

Customer Care Automation

Sage ACCPAC CRM Customer Care provides complete workflow, incident tracking, case management, and service status to help you create a reliable knowledge base for consistent, efficient customer service. Your knowledge base is build through traditional channels, such as phone and e-mail, or via Web self-service, which allows customers to enter, resolve, and track their own service requests. You can also access complete case histories at the touch of a button, resolve queries and support issues faster and ultimately serve your customers better.

Hosted CRM at sagecrm.com

Sagecrm.com is the only hosted CRM application with the combined advantages of seamless migration to an on-site CRM system plus out-of-the-box accounting integration.

Seamless Platform Flexibility - As your business expands and process integration becomes critical, you can simply migrate your accpaccrm.com system to an in-house CRM system without extensive customization or the high cost typically associated with transferring data from an online to on-site system.

Out-of-the-box Accounting Integration - Sagecrm.com integrates off-the-shelf with your hosted back-office ACCPAC accounting system. You can view and share accurate, real-time data, increase collaboration, and boost productivity.

Easy and Affordable Hosting - Sagecrm.com is a hosted solution that significantly reduces your cost of ownership. One low price gets you everything you need — your CRM application, support, training, backups, updates, and more — without large upfront software and hardware investments or a dedicated system administrator.

Fast Deployment - Sagecrm.com can be rapidly deployed — as quickly as the same day you sign up for service. The result is a fast return on investment, a minimal impact on business operations, zero slowdown in IT department productivity, and immediate use of capabilities.

Secure Data Protection - Sagecrm.com provides multiple security layers to protect your data from possible sources of loss. Together, these security levels maximize the safeguarding of your valuable data. To protect customers' data and to authenticate the validity of user logons, we use the same 128-bit SSL encryption technology that is used to protect sensitive financial data in an online environment.